Energy Solutions

In under a decade, Tallgrass transformed itself into one of the country’s leading energy infrastructure companies and is now at the forefront of efforts aimed at creating a cleaner energy future. Whether we are investing in our existing infrastructure to improve performance and reduce our carbon footprint or pursuing scalable clean energy initiatives, we embrace our role in the energy transition and our responsibility to help reach global environmental goals. Our safety performance and expertise in operating large-scale energy infrastructure have granted Tallgrass admission into transformative coalitions aimed at developing and testing leading-edge solutions that will drive a cleaner tomorrow.

Natural Gas

We operate approximately 6,500 miles of FERC-regulated transportation and storage systems – Rockies Express Pipeline (REX), TIGT, Trailblazer and Cheyenne Connector – capable of transporting more than 8.8 billion cubic feet (bcf) per day and storing approximately 16 bcf of natural gas.

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Our crude oil segment consists of three (FERC)-regulated pipelines (Pony Express, Powder River Express and Iron Horse) and 9 terminals, with the capacity to transport about 700,000 barrels per day and store more than 8.3 million barrels.

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Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is broadly recognized as an essential tool for far-reaching and enduring decarbonization, an impressive leap from 1972, which marked the first large-scale project to inject carbon dioxide (CO2) into underground formations.

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Hydrogen is expected to play a significant role in global efforts to decarbonize our world. The U.S. government and numerous states have expressed strong support of efforts to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies, giving hydrogen an even stronger foothold as an important and sustainable energy resource in the energy transition.

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Protecting and preserving life-giving water supplies is a global concern. Tallgrass meets water challenges head-on, leveraging our expertise in responsible water sourcing, recycling, and disposal to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions to customers.

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