Our People

Tallgrass works to be a good member of the community in every facet of our business by placing top priority on culture. The ONE Tallgrass mindset drives how we prioritize the professional growth and well-being of our employee base. Our safety management program, TOP Safe, allows our employees the autonomy to make critical decisions in every situation to maintain the highest safety standards.

We back up our company ideals through our Community Engagement Program, which demonstrates how we value our communities, our obligations, and our future by making tangible contributions to the stakeholders and organizations that are vital to our operations.


Safety is a foundational pillar at Tallgrass and paramount to our success. We believe that every employee has a role in helping us achieve our goal of zero safety incidents, zero environmental incidents, and zero pipeline incidents. Our safety culture is rooted in ONE Tallgrass — our commitment to safety starts at the top and is represented by leaders throughout the organization.

Safely operating our pipelines and facilities requires complex processes and the coordination of all Tallgrass team members. To reduce risk and provide layers of protection in our operations, we rely on our enterprise-wide Operations and Pipeline Safety Management System. The deployment of this system allows us to continuously identify and monitor hazards to help maintain assurance that risk controls are effective. Every Tallgrass team member is encouraged to make daily decisions that prioritize safety and help protect each other, the communities we serve, the environment, and our assets.

Our People

By prioritizing our employees and investing in their growth and well-being, we have created a positive work environment that attracts and retains top talent and contributes to the long-term success of our company. We strongly emphasize investing in our team members’ growth, development, and overall wellness, recognizing that this is key to building a strong and focused team that is well-equipped to handle both present and future business demands.

Community Investment

In 2022, we redesigned our community investment program and centered it around three pillars: Our Communities, Our Commitment, and Our Future. Each pillar is specifically focused on mitigating impacts, supporting local needs, and strengthening the connections we have with our neighbors. Our community investments have included our First Responder Grant Program, which works to provide our heroes at home with the tools and training they need to serve our community. We also regularly engage in supporting biodiversity and conservation initiatives.

Local Economic Impact

We take pride in supporting local economic development and delivering value to the communities where we operate. We encourage local sourcing of materials and made a concerted effort last year to hire employees from within the states where we operate.

Key Accomplishments

Some of the notable accomplishments we achieved in 2022 include:

    • Implemented near real-time process safety dashboard available to all employees.
    • Motor vehicle incident rate improved 18% over 2021.
    • Achieved 89% participation rate in employee survey.
    • Drove more than a 54% increase in employee-tracked volunteer hours.
    • Realized year-over-year increases in female and minority (EEOC-defined) job applicants compared to 2021.